I hold a Bachelor degree with honors in International Business management, Marketing and Communications from an American University in Leiden the Netherlands. I have significant experience of working in a corporate environment as well as in small business development. I worked with people from high-tech businesses to small scale entrepreneurs which helps me understand the specialties of both worlds.

I design and develop visuals since 2003, from the first time when I had my own web-site. I am a self-learner of digital technologies continuously developing my skills further. Having naturally good taste, my understanding of shapes and colors was developed throughout my life via continuous trainings in various visual arts disciplines. I followed no-degree studies in interior design and decoration, fashion management, and the art of make-up and hairstyling.

Last and not least, all of the above was shaped and rounded since my early age as I grew up being surrounded by creatives. I spent my childhood at the film making studio surrounded by actors, technicians, costume designers, photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists. Riga Film Studio was employing around 1000 people during Soviet time and produced around 10-15 films per year, some of which has become iconic and well known throughout and beyond Soviet Union.