What I do

Marketing Consulting

Together with you I evaluate your target audience and your communication goals. I support you to help you define your unique positing and unique selling points of your product or service. This analysis lays foundation for further content development.

Visual Communication

I will create for you the following content in your own unique Look & Feel style:

  • Logo

  • Business Card

  • Web-site

  • Stationary and PowerPoint templates

  • Brochures and promotional fliers

  • Photos

  • Choosing the name for your business

Written content:

Well written text clearly defines your proposition, differentiates you from your competitors, and is vibrant and engaging to read.

I will support you with developing written content. Depending on the subject I may (or may not be) knowledgeable to write the complete content for you. In either case I will proof read the written content and edit it to make it easy readable, inline with the SEO needs.


The way I work

In general terms I work in this way:

  • We analyze your needs together. Where required, additional market research can be done to develop and clarify your marketing strategy.

  • Then the ideas to be generated

  • Once we know what we are doing the content can be produced. I produce several variations of the visuals so you have the choice. 

  • Then we review the content together.

  • After revision, I modify where necessary

  • When all is done content can be published